Things to know about the Walmart and its Benefits

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Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores throughout the United States. It is the world’s largest public corporation, with over 11,000 stores. Walmart offers shoppers a range of goods at low prices. The walmart company has been criticised for labour practices and its impact on small businesses as well as general concerns about the company’s wastefulness and environmental impact. 


However, in recent years Wal-Mart has responded to criticism by expanding policy changes across a number of areas such as health care benefits for employees and critics, improving customer service policies for shoppers, and increasing its focus on sustainability programs. In addition to these corporate expansions Walmart’s general public image has improved significantly thanks to numerous popular social media campaigns that have successfully engaged both consumers and critics in online forums.

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What does Walmart do and why?


Walmart is an international retail corporation that sells a wide range of products, including traditional grocery staples, consumer electronics, and even fresh foods. company’s top-selling product is almost always something that can be easily found at a local grocery store. As of September 2014 the company has sold over $ 700 billion worth of merchandise since its founding in 1962.Walmart’s merchandising techniques are sometimes criticised as being outdated. 


But it does use modern technology to promote its products such as stores and social media websites in an attempt to make their customers feel a sense of familiarity and stability in every shopping experience. Walmart itself has been noted for being particularly environmentally friendly with a focus on corporate responsibility programs regarding employee safety and product care.


What type of store is Walmart?


Walmart is the world’s largest publicly traded retail corporation. So it has over 11,000 stores in 27 countries and Puerto Rico. All its stores are designed to look the same and be familiar to customers. The company also has a large network of grocery stores called Walmart Superstores that feature full-service pharmacies, bakeries, and other food items.


What has Walmart done for the community?


While it is true that today Walmart makes much more money than any other company on the planet, it hasn’t always been this way. In order to survive the first few years of its existence when Walmart was struggling for survival, the company had to lower prices on all goods in order for its customers to purchase them. It was at this time that Walmart’s founder Sam Walton had to consider community needs and begin to act to change its image.


Walmart began making donations to various community organisations, including local charities, homeless shelters and low-income families in inner city neighbourhoods. The company also began a program called ‘Take Six’ which enabled employees with children to take unpaid leave for six weeks at a time in order for them to stay home with their children.


Things to know about the Walmart:


  1. Walmart is proudly a family company:


Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas. The company is still owned by the Walton family and other relatives through their holding company called Walton Enterprises LLC. Today the Walton family fortune is worth a total of $151 billion dollars. This makes the six members of the Walton family wealthier than even the wealthiest person on earth, Bill Gates, who has a net worth today of $78 billion dollars.


  1. Walmart cares about the environment:


Walmart has made a number of different moves to improve its sustainability as a company. In 2007 Walmart began an initiative that would now see all of the company’s products sold in boxes and bags that are made from 100 percent recycled materials. The company also switched over to water-based inks on all store receipts, which greatly reduced the amount of ink used for printing at each branch. The next step is for Walmart to try and power all its stores with green energy by using solar panels and wind turbines.


  1. Walmart pays its workers fairly well:


Walmart’s starting salary is higher than the national average and there is no cap on how much an employee can make. Thewalmart hours company also provides tuition reimbursement to help employees earn a college degree through a partnership with the University of Florida called ‘Walmart’s Associate Degree Program’. Employees don’t have to worry about paying for their degree either because Walmart pays up to 95 percent of the tuition costs and books are covered in full by the company.


  1. Walmart is serious about sustainability:


As mentioned before,walmart near me has made a number of moves to increase its sustainability. The company uses green energy in all of its stores and it also tries to utilise solar energy in all of its new facilities. Walmart also launched a program called ‘Save Money, Live Better’ in 2011 that encouraged customers to save energy by recycling or buying more eco-friendly products.


  1. Walmart is improving the lives of workers and their families:


Walmart’s ‘Take Six’ program mentioned earlier enables employees with dependents to take unpaid leave for an entire six weeks at a time so that they can spend the time at home with their children or other dependents.


What are the benefits of Walmart?


  1. The store offers the lowest prices on everyday items as well as luxury goods.
  2. A large selection of stores across the country including online options.
  3. Its products are not only affordable but it is also quality items.
  4. The company gives back to the community by donating to charities and low-income families in inner city neighbourhoods like food banks, homeless shelters, etc. It also provides a tuition reimbursement to help employees.
  5. The employees don’t have to worry about paying for their degree either because Walmart pays up 95 percent of tuition costs and books are covered in full by the company.


Final Verdict: 


Whilewalmart supercenter is becoming a big part of American society, it has been criticised for some of its overly predatory tactics. But despite its well-known complaints, it still manages to still have over 400 stores worldwide and most people who shop there can’t imagine a world without the company and its products in their lives.

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