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The Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement retailer, and they are best known for their wide range of home improvement products, as this the areas they are specialized in. Typical products that customers on the shelves are tools, equipment, supplies for decoration purposes, small building jobs, gardening, and plumbing. Home Depot approximately has 500,000 orange-blooded associations and 2,300 stores in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 


The reason Home Depot became the most popular home improvement retailer are the two major factors is the creation of an omnichannel strategy that leverages the store and e-commerce site of this store. And the next reason is continuous investment in, and improvement to the online experience to make it intuitive and easy to shop the requirements. In this discussion, we are going to see in detail the history and growth of this store. 

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Why is Home Decor so popular?


When we think about Home Depot, the first thing that strikes our mind is its bright orange logo and its vastness. Over the past six years, the growth of this store’s digital sales increased by an impressive 762%, but in the same period, Amazon’s product sales grew by 490% in the same North American markets. And most of the people’s question is how did Homedepot achieve its success, and how did it manage to drive digital sales among all other competitors including Amazon which has struggled to take online?


First, it has a challenging category; the number of items available is extensive and available in a wide range of varieties. Generally, in total, this store carries over half a million individual products. For example, screws alone come in a bewildering 7,000 varieties from small to big in size, configuration, and speculation. A wide range of these items are not familiar, everyday things that customers buy instinctively, so many are more complex as well as highly technical.  


But it is realized that out of all the major retail sectors like Grocery, beauty products, apparel, furniture, electronics, and many more categories, home improvement is the one consumers find most difficult to shop for the requirements. For all but the most ardent DIY professionals, the combination of innumerable choices and familiarity creates a challenge in the buying process. Whereas e-commerce also comes with many cons and that includes delivering products takes time. 


Especially when they are bulky and hard to ship. Moreover, home improvement customers want their ordered products immediately, when they are undertaking urgent repairs or need to complete a project within a short period. These are the major factors that the online sales of DIY items have lagged many other retail stores with retail giant Amazon also failing to make significant inroads into the category.  The home Depot’s e-commerce growth is impressive and now the online sales account for about 6.4 % of total company revenue.


The two major factors that have raised the growth of home depot’s success are:


  • Creation of an omnichannel strategy that enhanced the store and e-commerce site of this store.


  • Continuous investment in and improvement to the online experience to make it spontaneous and easy to shop the requirements. 


How does the home depot credit card work?


The Home Depot provides a wide range of credit cards, and that includes consumer cards and company cards. For the customer, it provides a consumer credit card; this card can be used by individuals at its stores and any branch of stores. This Home Depot credit card comes with six months of 0% financing for a purchase of $299 or more than that. Moreover, it also offers commercial cards or company cards for businesses and contractors. This company card includes a commercial charge card and a commercial line of credit account. 


Similar to other retail store cards, the home depot consumer credit card can be utilized everyday shopping at home depot. For shopping items more than $299, this store offers 0% interest for six months and other promotions throughout the year, if you hold a consumer credit card. And also you can often find 12-month interest financing on appliances of $299 and more than that, in addition to 24-months of special financing on air conditioning and heating, and seasonal offers. 


People often ask the question of where they can get the Home Depot credit card. Interested people can apply for a Home Depot credit card on their official website. Alternatively, people can also apply for a credit card in home depot physical stores. For this purpose, they can search for Home Depot near me and the list of stores will be displayed, So they directly go to the nearest store and apple for the consumer credit card. The decision for both is generally common, but it can take more than 10 business days to receive the card. 


Things to know about the Home Depot credit card:


Generally, many benefits and rewards can be grabbed if you hold a home depot credit card. Let us see the major factor to know about this credit card. 


  • It offers negotiated interest (but not waived).
  • The most attractive thing about this credit card is you don’t need to carry a balance. 
  • The new cardholder enjoys moderate or unassuming offers. 
  • The cardholder enjoys a longer return period and exclusive discount. 
  • And the most essential thing to know about this credit card is, that Home Depot offers a separate card for bigger projects.




To summarize, the Home depot online website makes tremendous growth over all other competitor sites. Because they ensure that product content provides enough accurate description and information for customers to make an informed choice to purchase. And also created attractive and easy buying guidelines to make customers hassle-free shopping. 


Moreover, it showcases deep expertise in the category or product sector in order to make it hard for more generalist retailers to replicate. And they respond quickly to customers’ frequently asked questions about their required product and sort out the drawback spontaneously. Incorporate user-generated content that includes product ratings, reviews, and queries to assist other shoppers. 


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