Amazon Prime and its important benefits

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Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service fromAmazon and it is available in the various countries which gives you the user access to additional services otherwise if it is unavailable or available at a premium to otherAmazon customers this popular service includes more than 200 million subscribers in the worldwide. This particular service which includes 1 hour a day delivery of goods which are streaming music, e-books, video gaming and grocery shopping services.


Amazon Prime is one of the popular subscription membership and it offers the customers premium service for monthly or even for early fee. Amazon Prime provides multiple discounts while shipping free membership to Prime video and this Amazon drive will be always 30 minutes early access for lightning the deals for early subscription fee.

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Some of the benefits of Amazon Prime


The popular benefit of Amazon Prime is completely free for today shipping and here there are multiple number of Amazon specific and partner benefits suppose if free shipping offers are available with no minimum order size it applies millions of eligible items.


Amazon Prime cost


In United States Amazon Prime membership actually costs $14 per month and suppose if you choose the subscription for annually it costs $139. It is not a compulsion to choose a monthly or early plan initially here in Amazon Prime you will have a free trial for first 30 days if you are fully satisfied in choosing Amazon Prime membership you can very well opt any plan which you need suppose if you are not satisfied you can with draw the option in choosing Amazon Prime just you have to pay for that 30 days suppose if you cancel, if you do not cancel the first 30 day will be a trial period. It is one of the amazing option and most of the people welcome this strategy in United States.


Gaming in Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime gaming is one of the greatest valuable pack for the game lovers and in this Prime members can go to the prime gaming page which is completely exclusive in the game lot and free monthly PC games will be provided. Amazon Prime gaming which is included in your membership and you can check it out if you have any doubts it is one of the greatest opportunity in which you can use this product absolutely for free in your membership card and people are very much addicted towards this product.


Amazon Prime video


Amazon Prime video is one of the exclusive product in Amazon Prime member with unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes that is paid or it is used as free trial member in USA in this you can also add the video subscription services in which you can choose your show time according to your knowledge. Here there are different subscription services that are available which are preferred with show time which includes Starz, AMC and other streaming services entire time and channel and here you can constantly expand the Prime video library with new content whenever you need for more information just visit Amazon Prime video and you can enjoy your entertainment channels whenever you need.


Advantages in Amazon Prime


Here the cost of admission is not cheap since it is associated with the Amazon Prime membership here for instant Prime members can get 10% of while selecting the whole food purchases Amazon has been doubling down the whole food discounts and there are multiple weekly price discounts which has been available for 20 percentage. Naturally Amazon will announce multiple benefits to the customers and they will deliver free delivery to the place wherever the customers ask in and around 20 km it is one of the greatest advantage for the customers. 


However Amazon has been announced with fresh free products for prime members who has been previously used the services they has been invited for the amazon fresh before taking the advantage of the free delivery. Students can also get benefit from Amazon Prime suppose if they are a college student they can watch free 6 month trial of Amazon Prime student which will completely benefit the prime in addition to the special student with specific deals and coupons. And after the trial period the prime student membership can pay only half of the price of the regular Prime membership till they complete their four year or until their graduate whichever comes first so it is one of the greatest advantage given for the students.


Amazon smile


Amazon smile is a simple way that supports your favorite charitable Organization in every time you shop without any cost Amazon smile is available at in your browser and it can be added in the Amazon shopping app in your Android and IOS mobile phones. When you shop the Amazon smile you will find the exact same low prices and the vast selection of products will be provided and you will have convenience shopping in with added benefit in Amazon smile in which you can donate 0.5 percentage of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization as per your choice. It is one of the greatest added advantage in in which you can yourself select the organization according to your choice to donate. So here customers can make direct donation and they can arrange for the donated products to be delivered to the charitable organization with the help of Amazon smile program on the your mobile devices in the Amazon shopping app and this program is available in only Amazon smile which will enable the customers to make donations to the charities and customers who support their selected charitable organization is by shopping Amazon smile they can make direct donation.



In Amazon Prime membership you can also sign up to the Amazon family which will give you multiple benefits in which 20% of nappies will be ordered with Amazon Prime when you subscribe the scheme. Here you can create an Amazon household and you can share with your prime benefits with your adult or you can also manage the digital content and parental controls on Amazon there are multiple offers that are available in Amazon Prime people can very much utilize this subscription without having to pay anything extra.

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