What is JoinPD?

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JoinPD is a platform that connects students, alumni and companies through professional development sessions. It aims to inspire and empower students to pursue a career in their chosen field by providing networking, skill-building and mentoring opportunities. In addition,JoinPD brings together industry experts from various industries with students interested in their profession or field of study.

To learn more about what this platform offers, read our article on the key features ofJoinPD below:

A platform for learning, teaching and sharing.

JoinPD is a platform for learning, teaching and sharing all things education.

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We believe that the best way to learn is through collaboration, so we have created this website to connect educators worldwide. You can share your knowledge, skills and experience with others by uploading content onJoinPD or by following other members of our community. We also want you to connect with educators who share your passion, so we have created many groups where people can discuss specific topics related to their field of expertise.

We hope you enjoy usingJoinPD as much as we do!

Learn from leaders in education from all over the world.

What is JoinPD?

joinPD is a global online community of teachers. The site’s mission is to connect educators worldwide and help you learn from educational leaders, both locally and globally.

Why JoinPD?

Our mission at JoinPD is to support schools by building an online community where teachers can share their best practices, collaborate on projects and find answers to questions they have about their students’ learning. 

  • FREE professional development resources – including lesson plans, videos and more;
  • A chance to collaborate with other teachers from around the world;
  • A place where you can share your professional learning projects with others who are interested;

Connect with educators who share your passion.

JoinPD is an online community for educators to connect and share. You can make friends, get peer support and advice on teaching, and find resources and inspiration for your classroom.

JoinPD members are passionate about education because they know it’s a powerful force for change in our world. They care about the future of children and want to help them grow up into kind, informed citizens who can build a better tomorrow.

We believe that everyone has something important to contribute to conversations about education—from parents who want their child’s classroom experience to be positive; teachers who are looking for ideas or tools; students working on projects related to education; university researchers studying pedagogy (the way people learn); policymakers interested in setting new standards—and anyone else who wants their voice heard!

Collaborate across borders to create the future of education.

Join our global community of like-minded educators passionate about creating a better future for education.

JoinPD is a global community of educators who share their knowledge and expertise on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to learning analytics. So whether you’re looking to learn something new or gain inspiration from others in the field, JoinPD is the place to be!

JoinPD provides opportunities for you to:

  • Connect with other innovative educators from all over the world
  • Collaborate across borders to create the future of education
  • Learn from leaders in education from all over the world

JoinPD.com is where you can learn, teach and share in all things education.

JoinPD.com is where you can learn, teach and share in all things education. JoinPD means to “join people for education.” At its core, JoinPD is a social network for educators. Here’s how we define “social network”:

  • A place where people communicate online with each other and share information or content
  • A place where people interact with one another through online communities or forums

JoinPD has many functions that make it an effective social network for teachers, administrators and parents worldwide.


JoinPD is a powerful tool for collaboration and sharing ideas. It allows users to discuss topics and share documents within their organisations in a secure environment that’s easy to use. JoinPD offers several features, including chat rooms, polls, file sharing and document editing capabilities. When you start using it, you’ll find out how easy it is: sign up with your email address and password or connect through Google or Facebook Connect accounts!

Many businesses across the country use JoinPD: law firms need access to legal documents; marketing departments want to brainstorm new campaigns; sales teams want to share data on clients’ performance; HR departments need tools for managing salaries as well as employee benefits such as health insurance plans or 401(k)s…and so on! If you have an organisation where employees work together towards common goals, then JoinPD will help them reach those goals faster than ever!

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